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A small stop-motion video Raiha made for our Videography course on the awesomeness of books! I am writing for her: The music used is from the song Wake Me Up by Avicii. No copyright infringement is intended, I swear. (I watch too many movies and I don't want the FBI to capture me, or WordPress to kick me out!)


Cyber Crime; the Modern form of Revenge

Aliya Moazzam*, a senior educationist, looks distraught; her official email address has just been hacked. A number of emails containing sensitive information have been forwarded to the top management of her organization; a renowned private institution. Her personal details and contact number have also been compromised and the hackers warned the top management that more employee details will be made public soon, if their demands are not met. These demands are to “hire more skilled staff within a week”. However, Alia believes the motive was something else altogether, “I was promoted recently and I received a substantial raise in pay, along with other benefits. A few of my colleagues had issues with that, and I am sure they are the culprits behind the hack.”

Aliya’s fears were indeed proven true days later when the IT Department traced the origin of the email. It had been sent from an official system within the campus. “When jealousies ensue, the most common form of revenge nowadays is hacking”, says Mr. Iqbal*, head of the IT department. “I have often assisted in cases where rival students hack social media accounts and post objectionable material publicly.”

Cyber crime is on the rise in Pakistan - Photo from
Cyber crime is on the rise in Pakistan – Photo from

An FIA Investigation Officer, Cyber Crime Division, on condition of anonymity, says “Around 700 FIRs were registered last year in Rawalpindi alone. Many were of online fraud and defamation. A number of FIRs are registered on behalf of women whose images are edited and being used for blackmail or posted online for humiliation. Corporate emails are often hacked to find financial information by rivals or frustrated employees.” The officer says that the culprits are seldom found. “Parties usually make settlements among themselves and the FIRs are redacted. Generally, there is little proof for us to continue our investigations anyway.”

The majority of FIRs in the National Response Center for Cyber Crimes are registered on the behalf of women. The most common type of crime is hacking Facebook accounts and misusing photos and personal information.

Tania*, a university student, has been through the ordeal herself. “I had a fight with my childhood best friend several months ago. A few days later, I saw public pages on Facebook with demeaning terms and my name in the title. I knew then who was the culprit behind it. All my Facebook photos, some edited to be perverted, were published there.” Tania was helpless and humiliated, especially when her friends and family came to know about it. “My cousin is a software engineer and hacker; he hacked into the pages and deleted them. He also hacked back my account and deactivated it. I will never make a social media account ever again. And I’m not going to trust even my closest friends with photos of myself.”

Ms. Sidra Akhtar, Clinical Psychologist and Minister for Social Welfare State Youth Assembly, explains what makes people hack for revenge; “Such type of people are not courageous enough to confront their adversaries head on. They look for other ways of channeling their aggression, which in the modern age, is through cyber crime.” Ms. Sidra says that the hackers feel satisfied when they find their enemies have been hurt.

Hassan Khan, a student of software engineering, says that a number of people approach him and ask if he has any hacking skills. “I try to make them understand that even though studying software lets us understand the technicalities a bit more, not every software student is a hacker! Besides I’m only a junior, when I learn more about it I will surely provide my services, especially to all the girls,” he says laughingly. Hassan claims that girls are more interested in having their rivals’ hacked. “If we have a misunderstanding, us guys just go outside and throw a few punches and get back to normal.”

Bakhtawar Malik, who’s studying mass communication at a prestigious university in Islamabad, recently did a survey on cyber crimes. “I came to know about girls whose accounts were hacked after they severed ties with their male friends as revenge. And I know guys whose girlfriends would post objectionable video links on their walls after bad fights. It goes both ways!”

Defamation in public has historically been a plot for revenge, and new technology has given new meaning to the phenomenon. However, this is just the personal aspect of cyber crime. Nowadays, the same types of incidents occur on a much larger scale.

Hacktivists, hackers who use their skills to fulfill some political agenda, are the masters of revenge through cyber crime. Anonymous, a global syndicate of hackers regularly pledges to take revenge against those they think have restricted the freedom of speech. Their hacktivism activity known as Operation: Avenge Assange cost multimillion dollar losses to American websites which refused to host Julian Assange’s website Wikileaks.

The American’s FBI cyber division is strict on crackdown of hackers. However in Pakistan, cyber crime is comparatively a new concept, with a new law, the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance, being drafted only in 2008. The FIA has recently launched the National Response Center for Cyber Crimes, abbreviated as NR3C, website to provide people easy solutions to data loss, email hacks and profile hacks.

With almost all aspects of an individual, an organization, or even a state now available online, there is a treasure trove available for revenge seekers. New technology is in fact a blessing and a disguise, its purpose has to be defined by the users themselves.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

The Much Awaited, Luxurious Metro Bus Service is Finally Here!

Islamabad: The wait is now over. The Prime Minister of Pakistan will inaugurate the Metro bus service; twin cities project tomorrow i,e 4th June.

24 metro bus stations have been constructed along the 23 kilometre route. Out of these, ten are on Rawalpindi’s Murree road while the other 14 are in Islamabad. The bus fare range for a 20-minute travel would be Rs20.

The service includes car parking and air conditioning system for the passengers. The bus service would be monitored by a central control system.

Metro Bus Service will provide high class transportation in cheapest costs to white collar people of the twin cities. It will prove beneficial for university students and office goers, as it will prevent them from hustle.

Good News for the Students at FURC: The renewed Cafeteria

The cafeteria on the premises of Foundation University Rawalpindi campus has now been renewed. The cafeteria in the campus now includes a wide range of choices in  food. Beginning from different choices in roll parathas at Munchies to a wide range of crispy potato fries and burgers at Chicken Hut, to different flavors of Slush at Happiness Juice Corner all are now a part of FURC Cafeteria. Students from all the departments can now enjoy their lunch by sitting comfortably in the cafeteria zone.

The Last Addition to the Fast and Furious Family

STORY: Dominic (Diesel), Brian (Walker), Letty (Rodriguez) Roman (Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) are approached by Frank (Russell) to acquire a device called ‘God’s Eye’ designed by a hacker, Ramsey (Emmanuel). This is a backdrop for the real confrontation – Deckard Shaw (Statham) who seeks revenge from Dominic for the death of his younger brother. From the US to Azerbaijan, then Dubai and back to LA, the fight is, indeed, both fast and furious.

The Furious 7 poster showing Paul Walker in his last role...
The Furious 7 poster showing Paul Walker in his last role…

Furious 7 is the latest and last addition to the FAST AND FURIOUS FAMILY. The movie is full of humor and action, which is a lot better than the previous series. The new director James Wan has done a great job in handling Paul Walker’s death with tribute at the end.
If you like watching flying cars you will definitely find the movie interesting and fun.

The scenes in the movie are over done to great extent. One finds it hard to believe. The movie lacks the realism factor. It is an action movie, therefore the action in the movie is  ok with me but the storyline of the movie is far away from realism.

The plot of this film is revolves around the car crashes and acitions. One easily gets the idea regarding what is to come first after the movie begins, when Shaw and Dom, , hit their cars into each other frontal. No one backs away.

A deal is then done: Dom and his crew will help Frank nab the terrorist Jakande (Hounsou,) and the ‘God’s Eye’ device and in return.  Dom can use the device to locate Shaw. Ludacris is spot-on as the fool, whose flinching caution is a great end to the widespread bravery on display. The Rock packs some serious weapons.

The tribute to Paul Walker finishes the series for ever. It gives tears to eyes realizing that there will never be any other film in the series. RIP Paul!